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Special tips: Natural Cosmetics

Bottega di Lungavita offers you practical advice for everyday life: consistent application of natural cosmetics containing active ingredients that give the skin a smooth, toned appearance and slow down ageing.

Bottega di Lungavita’s aim is to offer the ideal product for every need: face, body and hair, which need different care according to your skin type or lifestyle.

In today’s chaotic and crowded industrial world, skin and hair require a specialist dermatological approach since they become reactive, intolerant, fragile, empty, dry and increasingly under attack from smog, dust, pollutants or oxidation. Bottega di Lungavita’s researchers put in place important objectives with the aim of refining a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment that rediscovers the time-honoured remedies of phytotherapeutic traditions and combines them with the most recent technological discoveries.