Special Tips

Special tips: Supplements
Special tips: Natural Dietary Supplements
Discover the benefits of Bottega di Lungavita’s dietary supplements, natural life companions for the daily well-being of your body.
Health is the most precious asset we have, and nature is our greatest ally against all kinds of ailment or discomfort.
Bottega di Lungavita extracts these natural elements and, by carefully combining them with science and technology, has produced a line of complete and effective dietary supplements.
Ideal products for losing weight, for staying in shape, for reducing the appetite and absorbing fats, as well as for regulating stomach and intestinal functions and keeping cholesterol under control, for antioxidant and anti-free radical action, for combating tiredness and recovering energy, for sleeping well and for defending yourself against seasonal ailments.
All active ingredients used for the preparation of our dietary and food supplements are natural and respect your body’s equilibrium, thereby guaranteeing health and well-being tailored to every need.

Special tips: Sun Products
Special tips: Sun Cosmetics
Bottega di Lungavita offers you information on its sun products line and valuable advice on how to prepare your skin for sun exposure and intensify and prolong your tan safely and naturally.
And who better than an Italian team knows about the strength and power of the sun?
Bottega di Lungavita’s researchers have developed a line of latest generation sun products so that you can acquire a safe tan that is tailor made for your skin. Sun formulas enriched with certain natural substances that act as immunoprotectors.
Ideal for controlling the quantity of UV rays that hit our skin, combating their immunosuppressive effect, performing an anti-ageing action, and reducing irritative, allergenic or skin-sensitizing phenomena.

Special tips: Cosmetics
Special tips: Natural Cosmetics
Bottega di Lungavita offers you practical advice for everyday life: consistent application of natural cosmetics containing active ingredients that give the skin a smooth, toned appearance and slow down ageing.
Bottega di Lungavita’s aim is to offer the ideal product for every need: face, body and hair, which need different care according to your skin type or lifestyle.
In today’s chaotic and crowded industrial world, skin and hair require a specialist dermatological approach since they become reactive, intolerant, fragile, empty, dry and increasingly under attack from smog, dust, pollutants or oxidation. Bottega di Lungavita’s researchers put in place important objectives with the aim of refining a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment that rediscovers the time-honoured remedies of phytotherapeutic traditions and combines them with the most recent technological discoveries.